Why choose Berkman Forwarding?

5 reasons to work with us

Benefit from:

  • Your personal logistic partner
  • You can reach us at anytime per phone, mail, whatsapp or chat
  • Reliability
  • Security, also in busy times
  • More than 9 offices worldwide, including in China, Vietnam and India
  • Bonus: We have delicious coffee at the office 😉

Need any assistence? Where here for you 24/7!

How can we assist?

Berkman Forwarding

Berkman Forwarding operates as an international freight forwarder, focusing primarily on overseas shipments to and from China, Southeast Asia and India. In addition, the rest of the world is served by our worldwide covering network of agents.

Were in it for the long term

If you choose Berkman Forwarding, you are guaranteed a personal approach. We guide you through every step of the logistics process. Off- and online. 24/7.

In addition to providing transport, we also can help you with total logistics solutions, taking care of the entire logistics flow: from arrival at the port to delivery to the customer.

Inhouse professionals and experts

Our team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals will ensure that all your transport needs are pursued, with personality and quality as a priority. We provide customized transportation and help you transport your goods as efficiently as possible.

We are also happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you. In our blogs and on our knowledge base you will find useful articles and answers to logistic questions you may have regarding import and export.

International oriented

Berkman Forwarding is an international freight forwarder with 9 offices worldwide, the majority of which are located in Asia.

With these offices we can quickly interact with local suppliers and governments such as factories and customs.

This is how we can assist

What we do for you


We keep in touch with your  suppliers. This way we know exactly when your goods are ready for shipment.


Together with your supplier, we ensure that the purchased goods are loaded in the correct container and/or delivered to the correct warehouse.


Together with your supplier, we ensure that the goods have the correct (legal) documents such as a Bill of Lading.


We will take care of customs clearance for you in the country of origin and destination. That will save you a lot of time!

Keep track

We monitor your shipment constantly until your cargo arrives. When a delay occurs we will keep you informed. You can also follow updates via our OMS.


Your goods delivered to your doorstep? No problem, we deliver the goods to any address or we (temporarily) store the goods for you in a warehouse.

Who is on the other side of the line?

Meet the team.

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Kenny Ooms


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